semi-hiatus: messed up my arm and should be "resting" it
everything is doctor who right now

MY name is Hayat.
I am 21.
Situated between Scotland and Bahrain.

Check out my about page for more or feel free to drop me an ask.

Watching: house of cards & doctor who Reading: A Song of fire and Ice - George R. R. Martin, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Listening to: ben howard, and only ben howard.
THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC: is the main governing body of the magical community of Great Britain with the intention of preservation of magical law. The Ministry connects the British government to the wizarding world. The headquarters of the Ministry are in Whitehall, in central London, deep underground. It is headed by the Minister for Magic.The Ministry of Magic was formed as a successor to the earlier Wizards’ Council and came into being sometime during the 1600s. It was involved in the International Confederation of Wizards’ decision to create the Statute of Secrecy and still today takes the responsibility of enforcing said Statute

Please, just, see me…