status: Just started my senior year at uni
everything is doctor who right now
Peter Capaldi is a gift to mankind.

My name is Hayat.
I am 21- so technically an adult???
I spend my time between Scotland and Bahrain.

Check out my about page for more or feel free to drop me an ask.

Watching: Doctor Who
Reading: A Song of fire and Ice; LOTR trilogy
Listening to: ben howard

Boggart: Failure

Wand: 10¾”,vine wood,dragon heartstring

Patronus: Otter

Amy Pond. All alone. The girl who didn’t make sense.

Billie Piper at the rehearsals of The Effect

Spells in the Harry Potter series pt 2  // pt 1

the corner of your eye. look  b e h i n d  you.

It was easy to get me to do this TV show. All the roles I’ve ever gotten, you’ve seen the roles I’ve gotten. They’ve been wonderful but so many of them have been downtrodden. They’ve been women who are pretty much asexual, they haven’t been realized, they have careers but no names. And all of a sudden I was given this opportunity to play someone sexy, mysterious, someone complicated. And it was a chance to use my craft. It was a chance to transform. It was a chance to surprise myself and the public. And I took it. - Viola Davis